1 The Auf der Maur-book                    

Title: Die Auf der Maur von Schwyz, Ingenbohl und Unteriberg
Alte Landleute zu Schwyz
Author: Franz Auf der Maur
Editor: © 2004 Franz Auf der Maur, Schwyz
ISBN-Number: 3-9521829-4-X
Language: German
Price: CHF 115 plus postage (invoice joined to the book)
Order address by poste: Auf der Maur-Komitee, CH-6430 Schwyz (Switzerland)
by e-mail: kontakt@aufdermaur.info

2 Contents of the book

Franz Auf der Maur, born 1931, ancient officer at the archives of canton Schwyz, historian and genealogist, living to Schwyz, collected documents and data of the Auf der Maur families for almost five centuries. The book he wrote has 829 pages and is divided in a part treating the general history of the Auf der Maur during the last seven centuries and in another part enumerating the 1020 researched Auf der Maur families (parents and children) since 1217 to the end of the year 2003. There is also a register of the marriages and one of the 10 000 names mentioned in the book. The work is completed by 68 illustrations and enables the Auf der Maur families to trace their way back to their direct progenitors.

As the book is written in German, the English speaking buyers are getting separately an Short summary of its first part, the «History of the Auf der Maur» in their language. The summary is also to be found in this homepage (key: «Geschichte»). The other parts will, in their main signification, certainly be understood by people of any language. 

3 New sources, documents, literature

See text in German.

4 Corrections (errors in the book)

See text in German.

5 Deaths (Persons passed away since the edition of the book)

See text in German.

Please let us know by e-mail kontakt@aufdermaur.info or by post if people mentioned in the book has died (family number, date and place of death), so that the list can be updated !


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